Spit-roasted by the Guards

They blackmailed me into pleasing them. But orgasm after orgasm, I’ve surrendered to lust

Loren Teese
4 min readAug 1, 2023


Disclaimer: This four-parts story contains blackmail, forced and rough sex. It is a fantasy which turns me on — if safely in a book. If you’re not into this kind of kinks, choose another of my hundreds of stories.

“The slut came so hard!” One of the guards shouts.

Yes, he’s right. It was one of the best orgasms of my life.

“She fucking squirted all over me,” the man behind me says, groaning at my husband.

“Look at the mess!” He adds, grabbing his head to let him see the puddle on the floor.

“Do you want another one?” He asks, then, spanking my butt.

“I… I can’t…”

“Do you want me to fuck your cunt again? Do you want them to fuck your sorry pussy, too, and make you cum?”

He asks again, spanking my butt hard. The burning sensation right after the orgasm is amplified… and makes me squirm. I’m here to be used, to be fucked. I’m these policemen fucktoy. That’s what I want to be if they can please me so much.

“Yes,” I whisper.


Another hard spank.

“Fuck me,” I beg. “Fuck me again,” I say, meeting Fabian’s eyes.

“Love… you don’t have to…” He tries to say.

“I want all of them to fuck me,” I shout at him.

“I… I need it,” I whisper out then.

Yes, I want them to take me. I want to show Fabian how much he’s fucked up… how much I’m enjoying being raped by these three foreign dicks.

The boss pulls out his cock and, to my utter surprise, gives it to my husband to lick.

“You’re our cleaning bitch,” he announces, giggling.

Fabian tried to move his head away but… he doesn’t put up much resistance. Soon, the guard’s dirty cock is in his mouth, his tongue cleaning it from my juices and the stranger’s cum.