When He Comes Home

Sex after a long business trip is just the best.

By Dainis Graveris from Pexels

Finally, he is home.

Two weeks out for a business trip; two weeks waiting for him in my bedroom, consuming my fingers on my needy sex.

Two weeks thinking about this very moment, when he is finally inside me, once again.

Two weeks imagining his strong hands gripping my hips and pushing me to the wall; imagining to arch my back to ease him in, to turn my head to beg for a kiss that won’t come.

Not now. Not in the heat of such long-awaited sex. I know him, there is no trace of love for me now, there’s only his instinct and his lust, only the need to fuck me.

I love him this way.

I love him when he turns me around and pushes me against the wall, holding my wrists above my head with a hand, while with the other he pulls my dress up and presses his already hard cock against my drenched pussy, into it.

I like to feel his balls teasing my lips each thrust. I like the way he groans when his orgasm approaches and he’s going to release a river of hot cum inside me.

I let myself go. I’m his; totally his. It wasn’t the same, without him around.

Please, fuck me harder: I want to feel home too.

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