Wet Teacher Used Hard

I though she was naive, but I was the innocent one.

Loren Teese
8 min readAug 8, 2023



Linda turns her head and gently nibbles on my cock. I’d pay to make my trousers disappear and feel her soft lips on my naked skin. But I have to wait, I have to focus.

A minute ago I was still only massaging her… still pretending to be only her student. Now her hard nipples are under my fingertips. Now she’s under my complete control.

Or is it me, the one at her mercy?

“I’m sorry I’m late.”

When Linda enters my office, she’s soaking wet. Her skirt and shirt adhere to her body, revealing her womanly shapes, stitching to her chest and legs as a second skin.

“The rain caught you off guard?” I ask, quickly looking out of the window, where a bad thunderstorm is still shaking the blinds.

Then, as she removes her wet shoes, I look at her again. I’ve always liked my Spanish teacher, but I never had a chance to see anything more than glimpses of her breasts under a transparent white camisole, in the summer, when it’s too hot to wear anything else.

But she had always worn a bra underneath, of course, so my fantasies stopped there, maybe getting a little farther when we occasionally touched each other’s arms or if we sat very close to look at the same monitor, so close I felt her womanly scent.

Indeed, Linda is a beautiful, shining woman. Clever and funny, and that’s why I enjoy our Friday lessons so much, closed in my private office, chatting and slightly flirting, finding the boundaries of our professional relationship.

“I’ll be OK,” she says, opening her drenched backpack and pulling out her luckily still-dry books.

“Mmm… no, I don’t think you will. Wipe yourself with this,” I say giving her one of my emergency T-shirts.”

As she dries her face, I can finally look at her body. The white shirt is completely transparent now, and the perfect shape of her breast makes me instantly aroused.

I try to think about something else.