Twenty-Four Men in My Mouth

To what extent can a wife push herself, to please her husband?

Loren Teese
7 min readOct 29, 2021

Based on a true story.

Dainis Graveris — Pexels

I look at Greg, standing a couple of meters away from the scene. He’s devouring me with his eyes. I can see the lust, the need he has to fuck his wife.

And I would go there, grab his hardness and guide it into my wet cunt for sure, if I weren’t this busy, right now.

The hard cock pushing into my throat makes me choke and drool on my light summer dress, then on the floor. A man is caressing my hard nipples, someone else is fondling, his fingers occasionally daring to touch my drenched lips.

I moan like a slut.

I am Greg’s slut, tonight.

The man in my mouth grabs my head to keep it steady. He pushes his cockhead a couple of times in and out my mouth, then releases a river of cum on my tongue, finishing the job leaving a trail of white juice on my lips — which I eagerly lick right away. It’s rare to taste cum this good.

I look at Greg again in the short moment before another man moves to stand in front of me. Another cock to suck; another pulsating tip to accept into my mouth. This one is smaller, dirtier. I clean it rolling my tongue all around the tip, then spit on the floor whatever I gathered afterwards, making it ready to be finished. Back and forth, back and forth… I suck this tiny cock so hard because I just want the man to finish as soon as he can. Soon he’s groaning, spurting his nasty seed on my mouth, forcing me to swallow it to the last drop… and this, together with the countless hands touching my body in all the naughtiest spots, leads me to another orgasm.

I lost count of the times I came, tonight. I lost the count of the cocks I sucked, so far.

Greg is a naughty husband. He forced me to promise I’d give him anything for his birthday, and then he asked for this.

“You’ll suck a couple of men while I look at you,” he said. “Don’t worry, you don’t have to fuck them.”

I felt disgusted by the thought of sucking another cock. I felt disgusted by the thought of…



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