Teasing the Strangers at the Nudist Beach

I pretended I didn’t want to play this game. But now that I felt the stranger’s eyes on me, there’s no way to stop my growing desire.

Loren Teese
7 min readNov 1, 2023


A liberating story based on real events from the last summer. Quick and dirty… as I like it 🙈🥰

Adam Kontor — Pexels

The bottom of my bikini is already wet. The darker spot right below my pussy as I slide it down to take it off, doesn’t lie. It’s only natural: I’ve been excited the for whole car trip, and it took half an hour for me and hubby to reach this secluded bay.

As expected, the beautiful Spanish beach isn’t crowded. And every single man and woman here is completely naked.

It’s not our first time at a nudist beach, that’s why I feel so comfortable getting naked, today. And yet the eyes of the people around me make me shiver more than usual.

Are they looking at me, as I bend to place the towel, doing nothing to hide the holes enclosed in my perfect butt?

My sex pulsates at the thought.

I came to this place with hubby, but he’s not at my side now. I’m sure he’s looking at me from the bushes not far…