Teasing at the Beach

I look at my wife teasing those men. I’m jealous, and yet I wonder what would happen, if I let her play with them for real…

Loren Teese
5 min readFeb 25, 2024


A four-parts story in first person, written from the husband point of view. I don’t know why, but writing it got me overly excited. I’ll do it again 😍


It’s a hot sunny day at the beach, and I’m watching you from my deckchair while pretending to read a book.

You play beach volleyball with strangers. They don’t know you’re with me… and I’m sure they think you’re single, because the tiny, white bikini you are wearing doesn’t do much to conceal your perfect body, nor the strip of hair already visible on the sweaty textile, pointing down at your pussy.

I get a semi, seeing how every guy on the court tries to hit on you.

There’s a man in his late fifties. He’s still fit and good enough — probably an ex-volleyball player — but he probably feels old, and thus he’s not very confident in his approach to you. He compliments you, but never really tries his luck. He does everything to play behind you, though, so he can admire your perfect butt.

I bet he’d pay to spend even just one hour with you. A lot.

There are three young boys, who have barely left their teenage. They keep on giggling while nodding towards you. Looking at their gesture, I can almost hear the obscene comments they are making. I would stand up and punch every one of them, for being disrespectful to my woman.

But I also know they are just playing. They’d never dare to make a move on you.

The other three men playing with you are in their thirties and they make me feel a little jealous. They are tall and fit, and they play well. I know you have a weakness for that kind of man.

They keep on flirting with you. Your laugh every time they compliment you makes my face burn with jealousy. Their insistent looks at the details of your perfect body make me feel proud, though.

Of course, you’re doing nothing to hide it. That was the whole point of sending you to play alone, the whole point…