Sniff My Dirty Panties!

There’s fresh cum on my undies and it‘s not my husband’s. Should I complain to the culprit, or take the chance to finally fuck him?

Loren Teese
8 min readAug 15, 2023


Like every morning, I wake up early to do my chores while my hubby sleeps. It’s a routine I like: it’s calming, relaxing.

But today, once again, something is off. As I load the washing machine, I notice my panties are overly dirty, covered with white, sticky, unmistakable stuff.

I should be angry, I know, but my hand is already between my legs. My pussy is wet, ready to be touched.

Another wonderful orgasm awaits me.

It’s not the first time it happens and by now I know now who’s the culprit. My husband would never do anything like this: he barely fucks me… why should he cum into my panties?

It’s the third time I have found my underwear like this in the last few weeks. The first time I noticed it one evening, before going to bed. The thong I had worn during the day at work, and removed for a quick shower before dinner, was covered in cum.

I felt disgusted… but soon curiosity took over. I even smelled the panties and…