Pleasing the Strangers at the Nudist Beach

Teasing the strangers has made me too horny to resist them… and hubby is in the mood to share me.

Loren Teese
8 min readNov 2, 2023


A liberating story based on real events from the last summer. Quick and dirty… as I like it 🙈🥰

Adam Kontor — Pexels

Teasing the two men has made me too horny…. now I already want more.

“Giovanni, cream the hollow of my neck please,” I request. “Mario, would you care to spread some lotion on the front of my legs?”

As their eager hands begin touching my body once again, I look around. I do nothing anymore to pretend I’m not doing it on purpose. I smile at everyone who looks at me, inviting them to enjoy the show.

Even the chubby man under the tree can’t contain his excitement anymore. His small cock is hard, and he’s slowly jerking it up and down. I look at it for a couple of seconds, making sure he sees my tongue licking my lips with eagerness. I would never even touch him. But he doesn’t know, right? He can dream… and cum for me.

When Giovanni reaches my tits I have to restrain a loud moan. His palms grab and fondle my breasts, and his fingertips touch and tease my hard nipples. He’s not even pretending to cream me, anymore.

I can’t restrain my moan, though, when Mario grabs one of my legs supposedly to cream it better… and places my foot on his hard cock.

“Mmm… it looks like I’m not the only one enjoying this,” I say, reaching for Giovanni’s hardness with a hand and slowly teasing it with my fingertips.

But when Mario slides a finger up to my wet slit, I let him feel the wetness of my sex only for a mere second.

“Don’t get cocky,” I joke, closing my legs and moving taking their hands off me.

This is too much for a public beach. And in any case, hubby is already approaching us.

“I can’t leave you alone a second, and you’ve made friends, already?” he jokes.

“Hi love, I asked Mario and Giovanni to help me with the sun lotion,” I smirk at him.