My Nipple in a Stranger’s Mouth

A game of dares — Diary of a wife turning hot

Loren Teese
8 min readOct 26, 2021


Rosa Gattuso — Pexels

Today Brandon wants me to take a selfie in public. With my tits exposed and a stranger passing nearby.

Bonus points — yes, that’s what he said — if I’ll expose my pussy, too.

He casually told it to me this morning while I was licking his cock. I thought it was a nice way to wake him up after the wonderful orgasm his tongue gave me yesterday morning.

As usual, I got overly horny. The taste and smell of a cock has always had this effect on me, and Hubby’s dick is the one I could never say ‘No’ to. I sucked it with passion, begging him to cum inside my mouth.

He told me about his plans for the evening right as he shot his load into my mouth. The thought of being once again exposed to strangers, his tasty juice flooding my throat and my fingers rubbing my clit made me cum together with him.

Yes, the idea excites me. But I see too many things that could go wrong.

First, I will be alone. Brandon wants me to do it in the hallway out of our room. He won’t be seeing me… only the photo. I’m a little scared, even though I know he can come out in a second if I scream.

Second, I seriously risk getting caught. Even in the late hours, there are always people walking in the hallways. Mostly single businessmen coming back from the bar, with more booze than blood in them.

Third, there are cameras. Even though Brandon says he found the perfect spot not covered by any footage… I seriously doubt it.

Today’s business meetings made me so tired that, to be honest, as soon as I come back to my room and see the bed, I lose all interest in the game. But I also don’t like to disappoint my husband… and so, I end up wearing a short skirt and a t-shirt for him, once again with nothing underneath.

“Lay on the bed,” Brandon commands me.

Strange, I thought he would send me out instantly.

Instead, he lays at my side and kisses me.