Hubby’s Car Inside Me

Or how to properly drive a stick shift

Loren Teese
6 min readJul 21, 2023



The position isn’t the best, but I do what I can to turn around and sit between the two front seats.

Hubby is behind me, in the back seats, holding a camera.

“Ready for it?”, he asks.

“Not sure I can manage… but I’ll try…”

Yeah, indeed. I promised I’d do it. That’s the price to pay, to be the wife of such a wonderful, naughty man.

Not that I care much. I’m curious by nature. But I would never dare. As such, every little push outside of my comfort zone is welcomed.

Thus, I lean on the old Ford dashboard and lower my hips on the gear knob. The cold, flat surface of a condom hubby put on it touches my clit. The lube we spread over it wets my lips, opens them, and makes them ready to accommodate it.

I rub it on my pussy, tilting my hips to find the right angle, then push them down.

Right as the knob begins stretching my sex open, a noise from outside frightens me. I look out of the passenger seat windows. If someone were to pass by, they’d see me performing such a naughty act…

But nobody is there. I lower my hips once again, relaxing my pussy, finally allowing the large tip inside me.

I stop for a moment. My pussy has rarely felt so stretched. Only when hubby fists me, it can reach such an extent.

“Mmm… it’s so big… I don’t know if I can fit it in…”

Just pretending. I love it. I love the imposing presence inside me. I love the fact I’m doing something so lewd for my hubby, love the fact he’s filming it and will likely post it on our Twitter page, and love the fact that everyone riding our car — from now on — will ride a car I’ve fucked.

It’s naughty. I feel dirty. And I am free to enjoy it.

“You’re riding my car, love…”

“I… I am… mmmm… I am fucking your car,” I moan back. “It’s so big… it has such a huge, thick cock.”

Indeed, it’s not the length, that pleases me the most. It’s the girth and peculiar shape as