How I Enjoy My Wife, After A Month Away

Reconnecting our bodies and souls, after we missed each other so much

Loren Teese
3 min readJul 16, 2022


Rosa Gattuso — Pexels

It’s us, kissing on the sofa in my living room, naked. You are riding me, but I’m not inside you, yet.

We just play with our tongues, caressing our bodies, getting excited. You rock your hips back and forth on my hardness, making it slippery with your juices, and I follow your movements with my hands on your butt. Caressing it, squeezing it, feeling it… ooh, fuck, if I missed my woman.

I slide down your neck to look for your tits. Turgid, sensitive nipples… you moan so much when I wrap them with my lips and suck them into my mouth. Eagerly, passionately, until you shiver on my cock, arching your back to invite me to slide inside you.

You’re so wet. I love it. I love the feeling of my swollen tip once again violating you, stretching your pussy open. Making it my size, my shape, after such a long time.

I’m sure you can feel me pulsating inside you now. Almost all the way… almost balls deep inside your cunt.

“It’s too big… I can’t take it… slower… slower….”

You complain, but it doesn’t make me stop if you moan so much, pushing your hips against my crotch.



Love made that already wonderful sex even better… so much we stopped counting how many times we did it. A couple hundred for sure.

More to come. We cannot stop. We don’t want to stop. We are addicted to each other.

You rock your hips on me, rubbing your clit on my crotch, and my tip inside your swollen, excited pussy.

And you suddenly cum. Without turning around, without my fingers inside… you need nothing else than these past weeks’ feelings summing up, and your favorite cock finally pleasing you.

You fall on my shoulder, catching your breath while your clenching pussy cuddles my cock inside you.

Your turn to please me. Kneeling on the floor between my spread legs, stroking my dick so close to your face, giving those short…