Drink His Cum!

Hubby wanted me to cheat on him. Now, he has no way back.

Loren Teese
4 min readAug 22, 2022


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“Lick it clean,” I command entering the room, before even saying “Hi” to Greg. I kick away my heels and walk to the bed on which my naked husband is waiting for me.

Did he… cum into you?” He stutters, his voice broken with anticipation.

“A full load.”

I crawl onto the bed and lift my skirt, then kneel astride my husband’s face to give him my sex to lick. I can feel the bull’s juice dripping out my cunt, already. After all, Jordan has fucked me hard for almost three hours and unloaded his nuts into my womb twice. It has been difficult to keep it all inside me for Greg, till now.

Hubby’s tongue reaches for my clit, and his lips wrap around it while I rock my hips, rubbing my sex against his chin.

“Open your mouth and slurp it all,” I say, reaching down to my pussy and spreading my lips open. “This is what you wanted, right?”

He mutters something, placing his open mouth under my sex to catch the first rivulet of warm white juice coming out of me.

I reach behind me to touch his cock. He’s hard as a rock. No, Greg is not regretting it. He’s not regretting sending me to be taken by another man, to be fucked, used, filled by a stranger’s cock. He’s happy about it.

“You wanted this. You wanted to taste another man out of my cunt. You wanted to clean this mess,” I say, as the last drops of cum slide into his mouth.

“Don’t waste a drop. You’ll be my cum toilet from now on. I’ll fuck whoever I want, and you’ll clean my pussy every single time. White, black, small, big cocks… my cunt is not yours, anymore.”

Hubby’s cock twitches in my hand. I stop, feeling he’s close to cum, already

“Tell me you want this. Tell me you want me to fuck anyone I want. Tell me you’ll never fuck me again.”

A shiver runs down my spine. I’ve been playing a part, till now, but this isn’t what we agreed. This is the real me speaking. Being fucked once by a real man has already made me lose interest in my sissy husband.