Blackmailed by the Border Guards

The only one who can prevent hubby from going to jail is me… but at the crucial moment, I fuck up.

Loren Teese
6 min readJul 29, 2023


Disclaimer: This four-parts story contains blackmail, forced and rough sex. It is a fantasy which turns me on — if safely in a book. If you’re not into this kind of kinks, choose another of my hundreds of stories.

“Passports, insurance and driving license.”

The tall, muscular man speaks with no pleasantries, lowering his face to my husband’s window. Then, when he sees that Fabian has the documents ready, he fetches them and stands up.

I don’t know why, but I have a strange feeling about it. Just a moment ago, as we crossed the border to enter Croatia, three policemen asked us to park at the side for additional control.

I know it happens. They always stop random cars throughout the day. But I noticed one of them looking at me, then laughing and telling something to his colleague, right before they decided to stop us.

I fight back the bad feeling. I’ve been having a nice journey, so far. Fabian held my hand, sang, and caressed my naked nipples under the short blue dress I wear — commando to feel the most comfortable during the long trip.

He even caressed my clit while on the highway. Having a semi-autonomous car helps in such situations.

I pulled up my dress, spread my legs and let him explore my closed pussy. We played, exposing my pussy to unaware truckers, stopping for a split second under their window while overcoming their vehicles.

I was so excited that I wet the seat. I can’t restrain myself when he touches me like that.

I hope the control will be quick because I want to get to our rented home soon, jump on the bed naked, spread my legs and invite him into my ready sex.

“Sir, I need a valid document.”

Still lost in my thoughts, I register the words only after my hubby stutters at him.