A Special Shower at the Beach

Sometime, when my wife is horny, she gets overly kinky…

Loren Teese
6 min readFeb 27, 2024


A four-parts story in first person, written from the husband point of view. I don’t know why, but writing it got me overly excited. I’ll do it again 😍


“You’re so silly, to let these guys flirt with your girlfriend,” you say out loud while turning around to lean your back against a palm tree.

My throat gets instantly dry at the gorgeous view. Your beautiful freckled skin is the perfect match with the simple bikini. You look irresistible.

“Do you think they were looking at my tits?” You ask, sliding your fingers on the perky nipples, then pulling your bra down to expose your breasts in their full splendor.

I look around, scared someone could see you — or am I wishing it would actually happen?

There are people not more than ten meters from us. Yes, the trees are concealing us to some extent but… if anyone were to look in this direction, they would see your naked tits for sure.

“They were… eating them with their eyes. And you loved it. You didn’t do anything to hide them.”